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  • Software Engineer
  • Recruiting Numbers:1人 Message Validity: 2018-01-01 To 2018-12-31
    Job Requirements

    1 Electronic Engineering or computer bachelor degree as well as the design and development of embedded software for more than two years of relevant experience;

    2 skilled in the use of C language and the commonly used data structure, understand the principle of program run deep, have good programming habits;

    The 3 single chip control experience, familiar with at least one kind of SCM, SCM familiar with the common interface (SPI/I2C/UART/USB) to use, can independently write the corresponding control program, circuit diagram and can read the corresponding;

    4 in the actual project at least used a computer programming language written application, a windows serial port, USB development experience is preferred;

    At least 5 skilled in the use of a lower machine compiler, familiar with at least one kind of PC development tools, the compiler principle to have certain knowledge, able to a variety of debugging tools, can quickly locate program problem;

    6 understand the embedded software development process, have a strong interest in embedded software development, willing to learn new technology related;

    7 touch screen project related work content, the working principle of capacitive touch screen, touch recognition algorithm will be preferred;

    8 chip based on SOC architecture development experience is preferred;

    9 familiar with image processing algorithm is a plus.


    Job Description

    1 Embedded software development and debugging the 1 wireless communication chip;

    2 Analysis and testing of various wireless communication protocol and the development of related software applications, such as cordless phones, Bluetooth etc.;

    3 development and test based on C51 or ARM7 platform code;

    4 familiar with the serial port control, such as I2C, CODEC, SPI and power management software development experience



  • Senior RF Design Engineer / Manager
  • Recruiting Numbers:1人 Message Validity: 2018-01-01 To 2018-12-31
    Job Requirements
    1 or above degree 1 microelectronics, communication, electronic engineering;
    2 of microwave communication technology and other related professional knowledge, RF circuit theory and strong analytical skills, with a solid theoretical foundation of electromagnetic micro; the design process of radio frequency integrated circuits;
    3 at least three years experience in RF circuit design, has the successful chip tape and product experience;
    4 familiar with the basic structure of RF transceiver circuit, the basic RF circuit unit, be familiar with RF devices VCO, PLL, LNA, PA, MIXER, VGA and so on, can independently complete the RF circuit design, modeling, simulation, testing and debugging and other related work, can guide the RF routing;
    5 to grasp the common RF test instruments, such as network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, tester and so on; the test method of RF circuit;
    6 innovative ability, good communication skills and team spirit; have relevant project management experience is preferred.
    Job Description
    1 based on the circuit and system design RF transceiver chip CMOS technology, to develop the module performance and implementation scheme;
    2 Design of independent or lead a team to RF circuit module, including system architecture, the establishment of the behavior level and circuit level simulation, circuit and chip testing, and guide the system level RF applications.
  • Digital Design Engineer
  • Recruiting Numbers:1人 Message Validity: 2018-01-01 To 2018-12-31
    Job Requirements
    1 More than 1.3 years experience in digital IC design, communication, electronic information, microelectronics and other related professional s degree;
    2 with the digital circuit basis, proficient in Verilog HDL, and proficient in digital IC design flow and the mainstream EDA tools;
    3 with FPGA development validation experience, MCU design experience is preferred;
    4 pairs of communication system and its function modules have good understanding, communication chip design experience is preferred;
    5 have a strong sense of responsibility, rigorous style of work and excellent team spirit, experience in project management .
    Job Description
    1 The formulation and module partition in the spec, the design circuit structure of digital, design document de ion; independent or lead the team to complete the whole process of digital circuit design, including the RTL code design, simulation, synthesis, timing analysis, layout;
    2 with digital and analog circuit design analog designers, to ensure the normal work of the chip;
    3 The match test validation testing and FPGA digital circuit; the chip testing, debugging and application.
  • Analog IC Design Engineer
  • Recruiting Numbers:1人 Message Validity: 2018-01-01 To 2018-12-31
    Job Requirements

    1 the work of a conscientious and responsible and interested in RFIC design;

    2 of the theoretical knowledge of analog integrated circuits have a thorough understanding;

    3 with the spirit of innovation;

    4 having working experience or related background knowledge in any of the following areas: the circuit design of low voltage, low power consumption products; RF circuit design; development of RF transceiver, including CMOS and BICMOS process; design of high accuracy current / voltage reference source; power management circuit design; high precision ADC / DAC design

    5 degree or bachelor with 3 years and above relevant experience in IC design.


    Job Description
    Design and verification of analog and RF integrated circuit;