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In core international officially entered China s semiconductor industry 28 nanometer era began

The generation of industrial giants in core international recently associated with the 28 nanometer process moves frequently, not only in January 27th this year announced a 28 nanometer polysilicon to the customer (PolySiON) and 28 nm high dielectric constant of metal gate (HKMG) including a number of OEM service, officially entered the 28 nanometer process times; and in February 9th quickly signed with ARM cooperation agreement for ARM Artisan IP, the IP system on chip with high performance, 28 nanometer process of international of the core in the high density, low power (SoC) design support. The analysis of international of the core in the action, purpose of obtaining mobile and consumer electronics customers, and TSMC competing in the field of customer resources.

At present, 28 nanometer process is mainly to provide high performance application processor, mobile machine with customers and the wireless chip, the chip used in intelligent mobile phone, tablet PC, set-top box and Internet, mobile computing and consumer electronics. It is expected, mobile application processor mainstream will still use 28nm technology in 2015. IHS prediction, from 2012 to 2017, pure foundry 28nm revenue potential will continue to 19.4% compound annual growth rate of growth, and China continent is one of the world s fastest growing mobile phone market intelligence, so seize the mobile and consumer electronics market two crucial for in core international is.

SMIC has previously available 40 nm wafer foundry and technical service to customers, including OEM mobile communication chip. However, with the continuous growth of the industry of high performance, low power consumption chip demand, 28nm technology is already be imperative. To do 28nm, we must solve the problem of low power consumption. Artisan IP ARM provides a comprehensive set of memory compiler, the standard unit and logic IP and universal interface product, provides the basis for the design of low power SoC component. As the core international design service center senior vice president Dr. Tang Tianshen said: "we can support ARM Artisan standard cells and a new generation of memory compiler felt very happy. Further cooperation with the ARM will help realize the SoC design more excellent in cost and power consumption to our customers."

With the 28nm technology of international of the core in mass production and consumption, the future of mobile chip foundry market and will be an important force.