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IC innovation trend of customized personalized chip into a trend

With the development of science and technology and people s pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, portable medical equipment gradually popular. Such as electronic blood pressure measuring instrument, electronic blood glucose meter, electronic heart monitor is not uncommon. Nowadays, the development of intelligent, the portable medical equipment and started toward the wearable style evolution, to long-term monitoring and recording daily the health of our data. The new functional requirements increased technical difficulty of electronic chips, also stimulate the IC decryption chip reverse research institution innovation enthusiasm.

Wearable electronic smaller and lighter

The innovation of electronic technology is promoting the development of wearable medical device, patients can be long-term device worn on the body, so as to improve the quality of the quality of life and health care. Wearable medical need to meet the long-term wear and deformation, durable performance, comfortable and non sense, long battery life and other technical requirements. Will be a big challenge to the chip design. The equipment is more compact and lightweight, which requires the chip design corresponding to shrink. Smaller size, but the function cannot change, in a small space, setting function program equal, but also to ensure the long time running. In addition, the battery power is not a problem, the sensor design, need to have the ultra low power consumption, to achieve the minimum current consumption.

IC innovation needs to break through the bottleneck

For such a high demand, domestic chip apparently some difficult. For a long time, China s electronic equipment in high-end chips, usually rely on imports. Is not only expensive, is not conducive to development of local chip business. As countries focus on business information security, began the implementation of support plan for the chip industry, encourage the development of the industry. Development must first learn the strengths of others, IC decryption industry when the task, with foreign advanced chip system vulnerability as a breakthrough point, the reverse of open access technology, microcontroller program. The decryption device and means of dedicated, absorption chip design technology as the core, and can realize the purpose of reducing chip 100%. Speaking on IC decryption, clone copy chip is equivalent to an appendix operation in general, relatively easy, the success rate is high, can help the general lack of technology companies to learn from Western MCU design principle. However, due to the lack of core technology support, IC decryption easy to imitate, independent research and development is not easy.

IC needs to follow the market development of two times

Is not only a medical electronic equipment, the degree of development of intelligent will enable wearable device penetrated into all fields. Market prospects will be good to attract a large number of businesses into production, demand for chips will also be with the rising. In order to satisfy more personalized features, to reform domestic chip upgrade. As chip design s right-hand man, IC decryption is also the need for reform and innovation, a breakthrough technology bottleneck, upgrade management mode. Based on the study of imitation, chip side absorbing advanced technology, and actively explore, research, two processing to design new products with more times. Single chip design flaws that attackers in at the same time, also should take remedial measures, improve the finishing defects, upgrade system. At the same time, the chip information extraction is successful, then research and development also deal with information, according to the new chip market development and objective demand.