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Results CES wearable innovative products long battery life secret

Wearable device is at the beginning of this year America Las Vegas CES (CES) of one of the key, but some analysts believe that, "CES 2014: intelligent wearable hot no bright spot", reason is the absence of a product that consumers can fall in love at first sight. This is for wearable devices poured cold water? In fact, the situation is not so bad. Won the "CES design and engineering 2014 Innovation Award" Magellan Echo intelligent sports watch is a bright spot, because of its innovative design and excellent endurance (can run for up to 11 months in a single CR2032 button battery condition) and stand out.

This sounds a little inconceivable, for up to 11 months to run on a single CR2032 button battery condition! And the performance is far more than other similar devices, also means that the Echo is not at the expense of performance for ultra low power consumption. It is not conserved energy? Of course not. Silicon Labs (core Laboratories Inc.) in China core agents strong product manager Steven Zhang to open the secret behind extremely long battery life.

EFM32 -- the highest efficiency of 32 bit Cortex-M MCU is the unsung hero

"32 Giant Gecko MCU ARM based on Cortex-M3 kernel in sports watch Echo energy efficiency plays an extremely important role. The low power sensor interface with five different energy mode optimization of Giant Gecko MCU and the use of MCU (LESENSE) and peripheral reflex system (PRS) implementation of ultra low power consumption. Their standard. These acteristics make energy-saving and autonomous peripherals can deal with timing and sensor control in the absence of CPU involved in the case." Steven explained.

Giant Gecko MCU belongs to the Silicon Labs Series in the house lizard, ultra low power MCU in the camp, the small house lizard s attitude but famous. However, you have not thought about, similar to an electronic products like this, why is a small animal s name?

Originally, in nature, the energy consumption of the house lizard only and it s the same size of the mammalian 10%. While the performance with the current market. In other low power of 10 bit micro controller is proved, EFM32 micro controller consumes energy only to other 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit micro controller 1/4. This is equivalent to the 3V button batteries typical life expectancy of at least 300% or 7 years. In conclusion, EFM32 MCU like this lovely little house lizard like, in the field of micro controller, a power saving king.

Low power consumption is equal to the energy efficiency?

In order to achieve high energy efficiency goals, EFM32 broke the design practice of the microcontroller, the design of the different.

"The industry has too many so-called the lowest power consumption of MCU, but EFM32 does not emphasize the concept of low power consumption, but hit the highest efficiency, this is because of the low power consumption is not equal to the high energy efficiency, and our ultimate goal is to achieve long battery life, energy efficiency is the key to realize the ultimate goal." Steven pointed out that.

Power and energy consumption are two different concepts, power consumption is only momentary current acterization of a certain point in time the size, and the energy consumption is equal to the product of power and time, as shown in figure 2. Whether a system power, will see the overall energy consumption it is low enough.

Working mode power, standby mode power, duty ratio are three key parameters in determining the efficiency of MCU. The total energy consumption of a system is equal to the work mode and standby mode energy consumption and energy consumption. In practical application, the energy consumption in standby mode will be far less than the energy consumption mode, and general MCU, the energy consumption in the two mode, basically is fixed, and in order to save electricity, the most commonly used, is in the precondition of ensuring the product of normal function, shorten the working mode of air ratio. So, is there a better way?

As shown in Figure 3, there are four kinds of color box, power consumption respectively represent four different MCU in the implementation of the same function program at. As can be seen from the t, the working curve green boxes represent MCU represents a very special, not only in the lower power sleep mode, the speed of ution and wake-up times faster, especially in power on mode also repeated greatly reduced, while the other three MCU processes as a whole model in industry are a parallel curve, power consumption is basically fixed, from the overall energy consumption, green MCU is significantly more power than the other 3 MCU. This is the green boxes represent EFM32 can bring high efficiency results.

The 10 factors of EFM32 high efficiency

Silicon energy saving Labs EFM32 32 bit micro controller is superior to the existing low power MCU -- here, we emphasize 10 factors to achieve this performance. As shown in Figure 4, including the 10 factors: 1 work mode power very low consumption; 2 reduce processing time; 3 fast wake-up time; 4 ultra low standby current; 5 peripheral autonomous operation; 6.PRS -- peripheral reflex system; energy consumption mode 7 good design; 8 energy-saving peripherals; 9.LESENSE -- low the power consumption of sensor interface; 10.Simplicity Studio and advanced energy monitoring module.

"In the 10 factors, PRS is a very distinctive peripheral reflex system EFM32. Without the use of CPU, micro to peripheral reflex system controller in direct will a peripheral device and another device connected. The CPU is in sleep state, peripheral equipment can trigger signal generated by this system, the other with the corresponding peripheral device can accept the signal and immediately respond."

Good design of energy consumption mode is EFM32 in energy efficiency and a great innovation in the. The internal structure of EFM32 as shown in figure 5. As shown in the upper right corner shows, has said that "0, 1, 2, 3, 4" five different color ring, 5 kinds of energy patterns they represent respectively the EFM32, different colors have the function module can be used, and the pattern of coverage can be downward compatible. For example, in EM2 mode, only shown in light blue, dark blue, black ring can be used, and the EM4 mode, only the black ring can be used.

The 5 micro controller EFM32 energy-saving mode, provides the design flexibility to optimize the application for system designers, so as to obtain the maximum performance and maximum battery life.

Strong EFM32 product support, assist IOT applications

The 32 bit EFM32 defeat the existing MCU to become the world s most microcontrollers energy-saving, its design is the purpose of energy saving, the main products for battery powered applications, such as smart meters, smart Home Furnishing, security systems, medical care, and portable handheld systems such as RFID, especially for battery powered life demanding applications, for example, requires at least 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years battery can not be replaced.

Silicon Labs bought Energy Micro in 2013, the Silicon Labs, is a milepost significance. The deal greatly expanded Silicon Labs microcontroller series products, and increased nearly 250 kinds of ARM using the EFM32 Gecko microcontroller products. But as the core agent of Silicon Labs s strong, natural also benefited from the acquisition, enhanced its ultra low power MCU products on the strength of the.