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Vice president of Qualcomm Wang Xiang: the next 5000000000 in the Internet of things

2014 of the global mobile Internet Conference held in May 5th, the theme of this conference is "the next 5000000000". "New opportunities" mobile Internet theme forums, Jinshan software CEO Zhang Hongjiang, senior vice president Huawei glory of president of Department of career of Liu Jiangfeng, high Wang Xiang discussed a "5000000000" where.

Wang Xiang think, in the future there will be 7000000000 terminal access to the Internet, this is bound to change people s lives. Liu Jiangfeng said, the Internet of things, wearable device brings not only a 5000000000 chance. Zhang Hongjiang believes that in the future the Internet service providers will be the source of the data, or can be converted to data provider.



Huawei Liu Jiangfeng (left), high Wang Xiang ( dle), Jinshan software Zhang Hongjiang (right)

The forum record:

Host Sara: Thank you! Thank you, we have a round table forum, we have 3 representatives, one is a semiconductor, telecommunications, is a Internet Co representative, they will talk about mobile technology in the future, we welcome a few guests.

Jinshan Group CEO Mr. Zhang Hongjiang

Qualcomm s senior vice president of the Greater China region Wang Xiang

Mr. Liu Jiangfeng, President of Department of career of Huawei glory

The host is from general manager IDC Chinese Huo Jinjie.

Huo Jinjie Moderator: today is very honored to come to do the link anchor, today there are three very important guests to share, 30 minutes. There are a lot of things can be said, first of all want to talk about the IDC in the past, this year just IDC in the whole industry in 50 years, to see a change in the ICT market there over the past 50 years, we are from the first platform to platform second PC, to third now platform, we say that cloud computing, big data, mobile, complex four main platform. I have no opportunity to see 50 years how to change the past, but the past 20 years I actually saw China reforms, this reform is the first, I felt a very interesting is that reform, transfer the whole ICT market from global to emerging markets, emerging market China inside is very important, especially Chinese has a acteristic, more and more personalized, own brand, in fact, this is the future direction is very important.

Today, my first question to ask, Huawei LiuZong, because I knew before Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei said a word, I think this sentence is very interesting, he said I want you to go its own way, I would like to ask Mr. Liu, how do you interpret my own path.?


Today, my first question to ask, Huawei LiuZong, because I knew before Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei said a word, I think this sentence is very interesting, he said I want you to go its own way, I would like to ask Mr. Liu, how do you interpret my own path.?

Liu Jiangfeng: in fact, you may see the Internet we always a speech don t know how to outside spread so widely, is actually a criticism of our words, go your own way. We understand, because of our general speech sometimes often relatively tall some, some guidance, we understand that "we go your own way", it is hoped that we continue to adhere to before we Huawei in mobile phone, since the glory was established, the use of the Internet to do mobile phone, hope we can persist in a few points. First, first to adhere to quality strategy, or hope that the mobile phone can do in terms of quality, we can insist to begin with the end Huawei terminal user experience in the aspects of the user experience. Second, he hopes to be able to adhere to the path of globalization, global layout. Third, use our Huawei accumulation in terms of technology, can in the glory of the brand new experience to users, because of our entire firm s slogan is "communication change people s communication".

Huo Jinjie Moderator: the three point is very important, value, technology, global, really is a very important point in the future, to have a good grasp of these three things, the data is very important, so I would like to ask Zhang, Jinshan here, big data in the past many people say, I often go to the USA the edges meet, they say large data including the data China, surrounding lots and lots of data, so much of the data a total side can interpret for everyone, whether the data is the future is now? Can you give some examples to us, what now is in Chinese we have what good case you can refer to?

Zhang Hongjiang: actually, we talk about big data we think this is a future concept, because here contains many research theory, such as active learning, data mining of a series of things, we should be aware of the actual point today, we already live in large data center, regardless of the Internet to search for you every day, or the Internet to browse, or the Internet to play games, or go online shopping, you are in all the time to the Internet to add new data, and what we see today, all Internet businesses are in these data by the user to do some very important business decisions, in fact we Jinshan this aspect, both our games, our security, have been taking full advantage of the large data brings convenient, for example, how can you make a security product flow become attracted to the user of game, how to know the user is maximum for a certain functional requirements, this is a very powerful tool for data mining time a. Especially for the mobile Internet, we GMIC today, we will talk about the mobile Internet, in fact, large data with the mobile Internet is closely related to, but everyone has a mobile device, the intelligent devices in the future, the future of course wear equipment, you always have large data. Another big data can become is very important, we can complete the three step of the evolution, is to the information from the data, from information to intelligence, a value from the intelligence, this is very important. Here I was very fortunate side, Jinshan in this respect has taken a big step, for example we today in the international market, in the domestic market are very successful in our "clean ", monthly active users have more than 150000000 products, his back for analysis of all application acteristics, analysis for user mode in fact, make this product can improve in a short time so good, so as to succeed in the world, become the tool list ranking the first, which in itself is a very good example of data application.

Huo Jinjie Moderator: I often feel third platform if the terminal is in our eyes, hands, large data is our head, we have hands, eyes to see the world, we have a head to go inside, in fact, is the most important technology, how can we rapid innovation, really is a very important point, I would like to ask the high king, in fact, from high - a technology companies, from the innovation of technology, especially in the Chinese I feel for you and hope that can provide some advice on what?

Wang Xiang: just Jinshan Zhang, Huawei LiuZong also spoke of the mobile Internet market prospects, I might effect of high throughout the market, how to support the market with innovative talk about my own views, today is the mobile Internet congress, there may be many views the hope can take it with you to discuss. Before this meeting I read carefully our "Twelfth Five Year Plan", I am afraid I speak is not accurate, I deliberately put him down, this section about innovation. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" and inside there is a famous saying goes, "to speed up the establishment of enterprises as the main body, the market as the guidance, the combination of technical innovation system, to enable enterprises to truly become the investment in research and development innovation, innovation achievement application subject", which is a non constant and accurate interpretation, it is a a very correct direction, is that enterprises should become the main body of innovation, can have good results.

Of course, if not implemented, it is just empty talk, but I believe that in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" was written in the government can do a lot of things, the most important point I think we should do, is to create a good environment for the innovation of local enterprises, to allow enterprises to promote enterprise development through innovation, the most important is he able to enjoy benefits from the innovation, and further increase investment, the benign circulation, which is one of the most core work, the government should do. Of course, talk about innovation, if the enterprise as the subject, is to have a lot of responsibility, is to have a long-term preparation, is not an easy thing, I just pass for example, I may be as high as example, other examples don t seem too easy.

For example, the first example is high, started the study of OFDMA technology in 2000, is the core of today s LTE fourth generation of global mobile communication technology called OFDMA technology, 3GPP in 2008 when it released the first standard about LTE, that is to say in the 8 years after the technology was gradually saw some commercial dawn, in the study of round the clock - tens of thousands of engineers and a large amount of capital input, this is just an example of successful investment in R & D, of course, will have to pay a lot of cost, there are also many examples of failure. You can see the mobile Internet, waving today one of the most important applications, is just now we still talk, that is the application of IPS download platform, Qualcomm introduced early in the decade and North American carriers, Chinese operators also launched this business, but today by Google (527.93, -3.42, -0.64%) and apple (592.58, 1.10, 0.19%) to get the technology really let thousands on thousands of like us ordinary consumers can benefit from it. I say this example, Qualcomm is to make use of our investment in research and development in the Chinese, the technical threshold is reduced to a minimum, so that more local industry can enjoy the convenience brought by mature technology, as soon as these technologies into products, to Chinese and even the global consumer demand, we in the Chinese do also is such, very happy today is our partner is present, we Chinese has many partners, direct, indirect and we together in the Chinese this market innovation, service the local market and global market.

Huo Jinjie Moderator: Thank you Mr. Wang! Day, fertility, and three are important. Just say so much in fact has a very important place, Chinese increasingly important position in the research, we found inside the past, before we say innovation, in fact, is now Chinese Chinese innovation, the innovation is very important, said China innovation, in the ecological system China inside is very important, I remember in Huawei there is a very special event called "pollen activity", Liu, could you introduce Huawei do what?

Liu Jiangfeng: in fact, the activity of pollen and the mobile Internet is closely related, before we Huawei based Internet launched a number of services, these services are gradually accumulated some users, the number of users is small, since we started doing mobile phone, of course including personal communication related products, found a large number of users is hoped to with the help of our mobile phone more convenient life, give them a better service, we Huawei do mobile phone and a purpose, want to do user management, we found that the pollen is our core users, so the overall strategy also hope to strengthen our brand connections through them, including Huawei brand and glory brand, especially after the glory of brand, we hope to be able to go its own way, our users more of a group is a group of people motivated aggressive, which become the main body of our pollen, and through them to influence the people around to expand our user, this is one of our basic ideas, of course we innovation may wang they say, high actually do a lot of things, Huawei do A lot of things, but a lot of technology, we also hope that through the feedback test market the pollen reaction, see eventually can lead to better user experience, better technology. This is our idea, thank you!

Huo Jinjie Moderator: understanding the customer is very important. Just now you said must be tied together with the technology, so I want to ask Wang total, high side of Chinese customers, but high in the world with Chinese if something is not the same, especially for Chinese have some support you to think in the China the ecosystem there is not the same?

Wang Xiang: China this market with global market I feel most is not the same place is China besides have a relatively large local market, there are a number of excellent enterprises, Chinese has become the global intelligent mobile phone, perhaps is not only intelligent mobile phone, one of the most important bases of communication terminal, ICT products, we have many partners in this area China, products not only reproduction, we first stage is only in the China production, now more and more Chinese enterprises participate in creating, R & D, including Huawei and many customers are. We are concerned with is how to bring in our technology, and our local partners to do more innovation, how to pull low technology threshold to reduce to the threshold of the enterprise, to serve the local market at the same time in other markets around the world.

There are many examples, we are in the vast majority of domestic partners, some partners of their products are more than 50% of the service in the global market. Another example, Chinese operators last just get the 4G license, we have a lot of enterprises, including me sitting Huawei, there are many other companies, before they get a licence in early Chinese had to other local export 4G global products, including a base station and intelligent terminal products, we much attention in the global development, not only in the China, service China market is the most important step, for domestic enterprises, they have a very good home, accumulate experience, experience and technology to the global market and then good, this is what we should do.

Huo Jinjie Moderator: Thank you! In fact in the entire China inside global impact has been more and more, more and more serious, of course Chinese is so important, the collected data are more and more, Zhang, just when we chat a thing about that is, in fact, a study published in the IDC, we faced with so many data. Speaking, only the 1/3 data is valuable, in this perspective, Zhang, do you think it looks as if data is not so simple, not to say that the collected data can be, how to grasp the value, the inside of the fine points, out to do very important applications, so I think from the perspective of Jinshan, hope all based on the data we should do what other analysis?

Zhang Hongjiang: I have just talked about, we look at the data in the three part, from data to information communication to the intelligence value, I don t really agree with you just mentioned that view was that the data is only 1/3 is useful, for a data user may 1/3 is useful, may for other users may also 1/3 is a useful, that is if we want to see the future application of big data technology in more and more industry, very important is a very important point is that we have open platform, allowing more data to share, China has a lot of problems we must consider to be clear about, for example, security and privacy issues, problems of course, the data itself, the future will become the important resource of a company, today IDC over the past 50 years in the business, the future is, basically all Internet service providers is an important source of a data, they may provide some data service, for their own products and services, which in fact the data you see future upgrades, into a data provider, the data for other companies may be more valuable, today Begun to do this thing, because our data are very much, the game data, our office user data, security of data, these data have become our own resources, for example, we put our flow down into the game, to game operation center of our region, with office flow we to give users more to download the template, the future we will take these data as a resource sharing to other users, other need these data users, of course we will strictly grasp the non constant good, we in the privacy, security will be a series of checks. So in the future we look at the data, if we regard it as a kind of industry point of view, we need is an open platform.

Moderator: Huo 锦洁 below is very simple to ask each of you one question, today s theme of "the next 5000000000", new opportunities in where? Can it from the directions of the three companies, each person said that the next opportunity where.

Zhang Hongjiang: the next opportunity, is when we ll see the "next 5000000000" user, get our clean , including the application of our WPS like that, you will see their life will bring about a complete change.

Wang Xiang: according to the latest and most authoritative, from 2013 to 2017 the world will have more than 7000000000 mobile terminals, including mobile phone, including all the other, everything in the home you can see are interconnected, there exists a great opportunity, to every present here today, and we each provides the greatest opportunity, we connect the true of the 7000000000 terminal, will completely change people s lives, I hope it is changing people s life from the good direction, let people live better, this is our every day work significance.

Liu Jiangfeng: from our Huawei manufacturer, we believe that the next 5000000000 more likely to be in the Internet of things and wearable devices to bring some new opportunities, mobile phone Smart Phone may become the real intelligent terminal, into each person s assistant, the next 50 years to bring may have more than 5000000000 chance.

Huo Jinjie Moderator: listen to down under a not only a 5000000000 chance, 7000000000 greater chance of time, today, there are many problems really wanted to ask, but no way, I hope we can have more opportunities to work together to explore the next 50 years, 100 years in the ICT market change, thank you for today everyone. Thank you.