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2.4G wireless audio solution

Triple  Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard voice transmission

Smart remote control is deemed one of the current leading fashion high-tech products, are widely applied to the smart home. 2.4GHz chip technology due to its maturity and cost advantages, is the best solution for wireless of smart remote. In the past most applications ed 2.4GHz chip designed by Europe and America, due to its fast transfer rate, longer communication distance, stability and ease of development. XN297 appeared to make up for the domestic chip vacancies in the field. XN297 is a high-performance low-cost 2.4GHz wireless transceiver chip, which have several advantages including communication stability, maximum 2Mbps transmission rate, longer transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability , and easy to development etc.


Figure 1 show smart remote block diagram of XN297, which have two parts, the remote used in the hand and USB Dongle. The remote consist of XN297, ARM, microphone, Audio Codec ,9-Axis senser, senser Key, Key, Infrared, and microstrip antennas etc. The following is the workflow of the remote. Voice signal through the microphone input to the Audio Codec is converted into digital information, Moving smart remote in the air is Converted into digital information by 9-Axis senser, and so on. These digital information is processed by the ARM processor and sent to XN297.XN297 convert the digital signal into GFSK modulated RF signal. RF signal is radiated by the microstrip antenna. The Dongle consist of XN297, MCU with USB protocol, and microstrip antennas etc. The following is the workflow of the dongle. The microstrip antenna receive RF modulated signal radiation mouse by XN297 .XN297 convert RF modulated signal into data information and send to the MCU.MCU upload information to the PC through USB, So as to achieve controlling the computer speaker output, completing air mouse and keystrokes and other operations.

The feature of smart remote

l  Triple function, support for voice transmission, air mouse, wireless keyboard

l  Hand-held operation comfortable and convenient

l  Communication distance greater than 15 m

l  Support 16bit wide, 16KHz and 32KHz sampling rate wireless voice    transmission

l  Supports sleep and wake patterns

l  Low cost, low power, high performance