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Board chairperson

The first board chairperson: Professor Mao Zhigang
Brief introduction of board chairperson: professor, doctoral supervisor, and subdecanal of School of Microelectronics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with bachelor degree (1986) of semi-conductor device and physics specialty of Tsinghua University, and doctor degree (1992) of information and communication specialty of University of Rennes 1. He mainly engages in technical research and development of the field of super large integrated circuit design. The research direction is to formulate digital circuit design technology and signal processor structures at high speed. He is the major designer of the first self-designed IC card chip in our nation, also has major influence to implementation of our national ‘gold card project’, and takes on several national fund projects, 863 projects and the like. He teaches undergraduate and graduate students the course of integrated circuit designs, etc., has cultured above 20 postgraduate students and 16 doctoral students. He has got one national scientific and technical progress award and 2 Sci -tech Advance Prize at ministerial and provincial levels, and has issue above 50 academic dissertations in latest five years.