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(1) The 54th Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation:

The 54th Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, founded in 1952, has been developed to have six professional directions with communication, satellite navigation and positioning, astronautical and aeronautical measurement control,  unified information, communication and information confrontation, aeronautical electronic  information system and comprehensive application, is one of the comprehensive backbone institute with the largest scale, is
national-authorized electronic engineering level-A design institute,professional contract level-I qualification unit of electronic engineering specialty and engineering consultation level-A qualification unit, and owns import and export trade rights.The 54th In stitute, with the occupied area of nearly two square kilometers, was located in Shijiazhuang City, the Province of Hebei, and the transportation hub of North China. There are above 4300 employees currently, wherein including about 2300 technicians, and about 900 technicians. There are eight divisions consisting of four national and four ministerial research and development centers. Till the end of 2008, there are 2763 scientific research achievements, including 190 achievements reaching international level, 199 achievements with
domestic leading levels, 109 achievements getting national prizes, and 322 achievements getting prizes from ministries and commissions, groups and provinces. And the institute gets 241 patents.

(2) School of Microelectronics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Microelectronics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was founded in May, 2003, was now located in
microelectronics building of Minhang campus area of Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
and the building covers a total area of 9000 square meters. School of Microelectronics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as especially-supported base foundation project of ‘985 project’ of the Ministry of Education and one of the first batch of nine integrated circuit talent cultivation bases in our state,
integrating technical strength in scientific research and equipment talent resources in the field of integrated circuits of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, aims to culture top-class highly qualified professional of integrated circuit design and manufacture technology in the world, and is dedicated to research of national imperative high performance chip with self-property rights.In order to culture international and industrialized integrated circuit talents, the school successively signs cooperative school-running protocosl with international well-known universities culturing mining elites like University of Texas, Group ESC Saint-etienne to gradually promote the international progress of talent culturing. At this time, the school has reached wide cooperation and combined culturing plan with Cadence, Synopsys, IBM, Motorola, VIA, TSMC, UMC, Shanghai Beiling and other corporations, which not only leads the school to cover a complete IC production chain of design, manufacture, packing, test and OEM manufacture, but also lays a firm foundation for combination of IC talent culturing and industrial requirements.

(3) Suzhou Panchip Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Panchip Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was a high-technology stock company founded in Suzhou industrial garden in 2010. The corporation mainly engages in design, sales, technical service and
consultation of RF chips, and supplies relevant solutions of RF chips, it is now located in the creative industrial garden of Suzhou industrial garden. Major employees in the corporation are all professional designers engaging in design of RF chips at home and abroad for many years, and
have rich experiences on design of RF chips. The corporation was always dedicated to develop
domestic short-distance wireless communication markets,
has successfully designed and developed short-distance communications chips with independent intellectual properties at 2.4G,
433M and the like, and has been widely applied in the fields of wireless mouse, keyboards, remote control toys, game machines, industrialcontrol and the like.

(4) National mobile communication engineering center
National mobile communication engineering center was founded in Guangzhou in 1996. This center is directly leaded by State Planning Commission and Ministry of Electronics, and its support organization is the 7th Institute of Ministry of Electronics. The research center of national mobile communication engineering is the national key project, with the general project investment above 56 million Yuan including 3.5 million Dollars of loan for introducing overseas key technology, instruments, equipment, design software and the like and above 25 million Yuan of local supporting funds of the project. The center, with a strong scientific research group, advanced instruments, equipment and software, 4800 square meters of modern offices, advanced audio-visual equipment and even an advanced SMT production line, forms a coordinated process of research development, production and sales. Currently, the ‘fully-digital cluster mobile phones’ and ‘big-scale and medium-scale special IC chip design project of the communication system’ of the center enter substantive
development work.

(5) National engineering center of communication software and special integrated circuit
National engineering center of communication software and special integrated circuit (hereinafter called COMERC for short) is a national engineering research center approved by State Planning Commission and prepared to build by utilizing world bank load ‘scientific development project’, wherein the world bank supplies4.2 million Dollars of domestic supporting funds, namely 24 million
Yuan. COMERC center has currently a batch of designers who have been strictly trained at home and abroad and all have ’s degree or higher in the specialties of computer and electricity, including four researchers, five senior engineers and 14 engineers. The center has
many years of experiences
in equipment research, software development and IC design, can finish the design development of each task from system to domain, from small-sized functional software to large-scale database management system, Internet webpage manufacture and intelligent comprehensive wire layout of mansion. COMERC has perfect communication software and ASIC design development environment, owns most advanced international hardware equipment and software development tools, is the ideal base of product development and engineering research and has business relations with several domestic and abroad software corporations or their agencies lick Sybase corporation, Oracle corporation, Sun corporation, Microsoft corporation and Vertel corporation to guarantee to obtain legal software development tools and enjoy its upgrading service.

(6) Guangzhou COSMOS Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou COSMOS Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April, 2000, has got the attestation of the first batch of integrated circuit enterprises in Guangzhou by Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission, and is now the utive director unit of Guangzhou electronic industry, deputy
director unit of semi-conductor committee and deputy direction unit of RFID professional committee. Major technical fields of the corporation include development and production technology of related equipment and systems in mobile communication field. The major achievements
include analogy and digital cellular phones, multi-media mobile communication terminal and system, GSM repeater, anti-disturbance IC chip design, mobile communication terminal processing IC chip, hand-held multi-media terminals and the like. The corporation owns advanced
software and system design tools and equipment, has undertaken several national major new-technology development project and all kinds of computer system’s integration projects. The corporation owns anti-disturbance chips with independent intellectual properties, and these chips has passed military acceptance, and can be widely applied in military communication; the domestic data transmission system developed by the corporation has been also widely applied
in the fields of remote wireless meter checking, long-distance monitoring, fire-fighting safety alarm and the like in water, electricity, heating, gas and the like, and has got excellent economic benefits and social benefits. The corporation further owns advanced SMT production lines for engineering development and pilot production, and is the training base appointed by SMT professional committee in Guangdong.